About Zeste

It's impossible for a site about cooking not to give recipes...

Our ingredients are: a dose of knowledge of the local tradition, a handful of artisanality, some drops of attention for any detail, a sprinkle of pleasure for making and telling, a pinch of fun, satisfaction and a lot of passion.

How Zeste was born

I am Valeria Trapani, specialized in anthropology and ethnology; for passion I devoted my studies in nutrition .
I searched thoroughly the cuisines of the world high and low, I savoured taste after taste the knowledge of the hands and the fruits of the ground; I registered in my memory recipes and gestures stolen by traditions distant in time and space, I packed a bag that I always carry with me and that found home in Zeste.
Zeste is my workshop, a place in the center of Palermo where cuisine, territories, customs and gastronomy come together and put hands into substance. Around the kitchen, sitting at the table or with hands-on , food and knowledge blend in perfect harmony. The activity of Zeste consists of classes, workshops, meetings , exhibitions, tastings, cooking shows, team building and photography workshops, a place where the food is made and eaten.