Cooking Classes Menu of the week

The raw and the cooked

Basic course to approach culinary practices.

The pleasure of the absence

Class and recipes for gluten-free cuisine.

Wasted lives. The second life of food

Re-use recipes: learn how to transform waste food into tasty dishes.

It's a question of style

The cuisine, etiquette and the art of receiving.

It's easy to say it's done

Healthy and quick recipes at zero food miles.

The meatball rest

Vegetarian cooking class.

The taste of knwoledge, the taste of the tradition.

History, identity and gastronomy come together in the kitchen. A class to learn and appreciate the lost flavours of the great local cuisine.

The art of little hands

Cooking courses, Children, Zeste, Restaurant, Palermo, Sicily, Sicilian, Tradition, via Freedom

Stories to be eaten. Recipes to be told

The Sunday brunch: cuisine meets fiction, reinterpreting some recipes inspired by literature.