Cooking experience

From the ground to the dish, in the search of the most authentic flavours of the local gastronomic tradition. The kitchen is the most important place in Sicilian houses and Zeste feeds this cult, so that time couldn't erode this symbolic place where women used to transmit genuinely knowledge, skills, tastes and identity.

Through the kitchens of Zeste it's possible to be immersed in the heart of culinary stories, where hidden atmospheres and authentic flavours will make your holiday a memorable and unique dining experience. The classes with a maximum of 8/10 people include the preparation and tasting of the dishes, prepared according to recipes, techniques and atmospheres passed from generation to generation in Sicilian kitchens: a bite of this wonderful land to carry along and rediscover once at home.

You can book your cooking experience all days, at morning or afternoon, including lunch or dinner, in Italian, English, French and Spanish.